While studying Machine Learning during his courses at UT Austin, Janek was drawn to computer vision. He found it compelling that applications of the technology that were both useful for society and feasible from a technological standpoint had very few use cases for people with healthy vision. But in there, he found an opportunity to create something for the blind and visually impaired. If a model could identify basic grocery products, he could help the blind and vision impaired navigate a grocery store environment and identify products. Clarissa is a business student at UT Austin passionate about building technology companies around social impact, and when the two students met and shared this vision of helping the blind and vision impaired, Extended Vision came to be. We met Dillon, our head developer at SXSW and together leverage AI technology to make the world accessible for the blind.

Meet Our Team

Janek, CEO and Co-Founder Extended Vision

Clarissa, COO and Co-Founder Extended Vision

Dillon Peterson, Head Developer Extended Vision